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The Top 10 Essential Qualities You Should Look For In A Quality Landscape Architect

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Are you in need of a quality landscape architect for your home’s beautiful outdoor spaces? The best landscape architects will bring out the best in your surrounding natural environment and seamlessly blend these elements with your interior spaces. Our team at Russ Cletta Design Studio have compiled a list of qualities and traits to help you on your search for the right landscape architect for your home.

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What To Look For In A Professional Landscaping Company

Before partnering up with a landscaping company, be sure to do your research and don’t be afraid to interview potential landscape architects in your city and surrounding areas. Also, remember that the best deal doesn’t always reflect the best work. At the same time, you don’t want to pay above industry standard. The following guidelines will help any homeowner in need choose a landscape architect that will provide tailored services at the right value.

Commitment To Artistry:

First and foremost, landscaping is an art. All homescapes are unique, but every homeowner wants their grounds to be aesthetically pleasing--even breathtaking. Early on, you will need to decide if a landscaping company has the keen eye and artistic background to bring your particular vision to life. Share your initial ideas with your potential landscape architect and find out if they’ve worked on similar landscapes or not. Also, be sure to have a look at their Instagram page or online galleries to see their artistic range for yourself, and if their style(s) are a good fit for the overall design you’re trying to achieve with your outdoor spaces.

Expertise & Experience:

Our next word of advice is to partner up with a professional landscaping team that has an established reputation. Expertise and experience walk hand in hand, and you’ll want to work with a landscaping company that’s been in business at least ten years--as they will have the resources, knowledge, and scope to handle your specific landscaping needs in an efficient manner.

Qualified Landscape Architects:

As you’re researching local landscaping companies, keep in mind that there’s a wide spectrum of background experience and education among landscaping professionals. The best options in landscaping are always owned and operated by a professionally trained landscape architect. Better yet are the companies in which their landscape architect works onsite and is hands-on with all landscaping projects.

Membership With The Landscape Contractors Association (LCA):

Throughout the screening process for your landscaping company, be sure to ask if they are members of the LCA. From the get-go, this will establish that the landscaper(s) are dedicated to the craft and industry because the LCA provides the following to its valued members:

  • New information on the latest tools, resources, and best practices in landscaping
  • Opportunities for continuing education
  • Additional certifications and awards for stand-out members

Savvy Support Team:

Next, you will need to ensure that your landscaping company is a team of specialists. You don’t necessarily want to work with a company in which landscapers and landscape architects are answering phones and taking care of scheduling, as this means their staff overall is spread thin. Visit the landscaping company to ensure that they have supporting staff such as an office manager, controller, and more. Landscaping companies with a support staff will be able to respond or field your inquiries quickly, managing your project efficiently from beginning to completion.

Expansive Landscape Portfolio:

Before officially partnering up with any landscaping company, be sure to ask to see their portfolio. You will want to work with a landscape architect that has plenty of photos and can reference your vision with past work. The more extensive a landscaping company’s portfolio is, the more experience you can validate.

Client-Centric Approach:

As mentioned earlier, no landscaping project is alike. You’ll want to ensure that your potential landscaping team can handle the scope of your unique landscape vision and carry-out, as well as if they have the necessary focus to deliver individualized attention and custom service(s). You can determine the following during an interview with your potential landscape architect:

  • Enthusiasm for your vision and unique preferences
  • Readiness to answer all of your questions about the process for your landscaping project
  • Close attention to detail and major milestones for your project’s successful completion
  • Considerate of your budget and any other potential project limitations

Awards & Excellence Within The Landscaping Industry:

Although accolades aren’t everything, they sure don’t hurt! With most landscaping companies, you should be able to get an idea about any awards or recognition they’ve received from their website. Similarly, be on the lookout for any features in landscaping publications. The more press they’ve received, the more their work has been validated and well-received by a third-party and general audience.

In-Depth Knowledge About Property Maintenance:

Don’t just look for a company that solely completes large-scale projects. You want your home’s landscape to remain continually beautiful over the long-term. The best landscaping companies will provide quality property maintenance to keep your grounds spruced up and new.

Referrals & Good Reviews:

Lastly, find out what others have to say about a potential landscaping team for your home. Online reviews can be very helpful in gaining insight into the company’s landscaping process, their attention to customer service, and overall customer satisfaction. Even consider asking your landscaping team for references and referrals, as this shows their commitment to verification.

The Best In Beauty & Function: Russ Cletta Landscaping

For over 15 years, Russ Cletta has provided breathtaking landscapes throughout Venice and all of Los Angeles County. The landscape architect and team specializes in custom landscape design and installation for private residences, bringing sustainable and environmentally responsible construction practices to every landscaping project. To see more of Russ Cletta’s work, visit their online portfolio. If you’re a homeowner who wants to get started on a landscaping project, contact Russ Cletta directly at 310.452.0248.

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