Cottages in the Sun, Rizzoli International Publications

March 2007

Bungalow at the Edge

By: Margaret Bach

More than a century after tobacco millionaire Abbot Kinney envisioned and realized in California his Venice of America—a place of romantic canals, quaint cottages, and fanciful, Venetian-styled streetscapes. Its descendent, the present-day Venice, shimmers with energy. Images of vibrant boardwalk, beach, and street life come to mind. However, it is the century-old bungalows and cottages on its remaining canals, quiet lanes, and streets, that are its beating heart.

Cottages in the Sun Bungalows of Venice, California features 28 houses that are an iconic collection of small-scale studies in creativity. Having emerged from the neglect and disrepair of the 1950s and 60s, the homes featured have been lovingly reinvented by owners attuned to and engaged by the challenges of small space and intimate community.

At times eclectic, charming, whimsical or bold, these extraordinary houses are a testament to passionate love for domestic space and a convincing argument for the virtue os an intuitive, highly personal approach to home design. The imaginative interiors and abundant gardens of the cottages and bungalows of Venice sparkle like gems in this multifaceted treasury infused with the light of the California Sun.