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Landscape Architecture in Los Angeles, CA

Landscape Architecture is a combination of science, art, and aesthetics to create beautiful, dramatic, open areas for people to enjoy. While some landscape architects dedicate their talents to creating well thought out and functional parks, campuses, and recreational facilities that are also eye catching. There are other landscape architects that place their focus on residential areas, bringing their training and their passion to making individual properties useful, livable and beautiful.

Where your residential property is large or small you want your landscape architecture in Los Angeles, Ca to shine and for that you need a someone with the education, experience and eye for the smallest artistic detail.

Technical and Artistic

The best landscape architects combine both the technical and artistic aspects of design. They need to have a complete understanding of plants, building materials, environmentally sound building and landscape practices and design. Their goal is too take the homeowners vision, and turn it into stunning reality while keeping the integrity of the surrounding land and buildings.

What Duties Landscape Architecture Entails?

When a Landscape architect takes on a project there are several duties he needs to perform. These duties include:

  • He first must look over the area where the landscaping is to take place. This normally includes looking at the soil, taking measurements and observing the natural plants and other things in the immediate area.
  • Talking to the residence's owner and finding out what features he is looking for. Does he want a pool? Gardens? An arbor?
  • He then plans out the entire landscape and what it will look like including in all plants, flowers, and man made features that need to be included. The architect will do while still finding the most environmentally conscious way of accomplishing his goal.
  • Managing the project from start to finish while working closely with architects and nursery personnel. They make sure that both their vision and that of the home owner is achieved in the least environmentally intrusive way possible.

Why Choose Russ Cletta to Meet Your Landscape Architecture Needs?

If you live in Los Angeles then Russ Cletta can meet your residencial landscape architecture needs. With 15 years of experience in landscape architecture Russ excels at site-specific designs taking into consideration the interactions between his clients and the environment. He takes into consideration every detail of your property and the project to ensure that your landscape evolves to meet your changing wants and needs.

Russ Cletta has worked with some high profile clients in Los Angeles and has the portfolio to show off his range of designs.

If you are looking to landscape your property, and want to show it at its best while still having it be as functional as possible then Russ Cletta is the landscape architect for you. He can take care of all of your landscaping needs big or small and help you turn your property into something you can be proud of for years to come.