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Secret Gardens of Hollywood and Private Oases in Los Angeles

Erica Leanord and Adele Cygelman


Hollywood, Los Angeles Landscape Design Photos

This book offers a peek into the most beautiful private gardens of Los Angeles, one of the most variant places on earth. Life here is meant to be live outdoors and extravagantly, and these gardens reflect the town's larger-than-life personalities, who take pride in their extraordinary garden sanctuaries.

The sunny, warm climate in L.A. allows garden designers to unleash their most creative gardening fantasies, using plants collected from all over the world. The twenty-five gardens in the book illustrate the remarkable range of styles in the area, from Joni Mitchell's whimsical Bel-Air garden retreat, to a garden of rare succulent plants at Jack LaLanne's former residence, to Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen's Southern-style country hideaway.

Featuring all-new photographs by Erica Lennard, coauthor of the bestselling book The Art of Doing Nothing, this escape book is sure to appeal to gardeners and star gazers alike.