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Venice Beach

With the goal of creating high style on a limited budget, a modest Venice Beach cottage garden was transformed into a private oasis.

Inexpensive and reclaimed building materials, salvaged lumber, and cinder blocks provide the foundation of the design. Low-maintenance plant materials soften the space and thrive with minimal water.

Garage-sale and flea-market furnishings and potted succulents adorn and add to the bohemian mix, proving that it is indeed possible to live luxuriously on a small budget.

Fire and Water

A concrete fire bowl and elevated water feature add warmth and soothing sounds to the garden. Vintage Japanese fishing floats bring a dash of colorful whimsy.


Private residence

Venice landscape design photos Venice landscape design photos Venice landscape design photos
Silver Lady dwarf tree fern (Blechnum 'Silver Lady'); variegated Mauritius hemp [variegated Brazilian aloe, variegated giant cabuya] (Furcraea foetida 'Mediopicta'); gas fire pit; bowl fountain