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About Russ Cletta

A landscape architect with more than Twenty Five years of experience in original landscape design and construction, Russ Cletta creates innovative and dramatic landscapes that reflect an artistic blend of form and function. His site-specific work demonstrates an inclination toward simplicity and elemental form and a deep understanding of each site, its natural surroundings, and the interaction between clients and their environments.

Russ prides himself on collaborating closely with high-profile clients and architects. With the ability to manage complex projects and sophisticated clientele, Russ not only brings artistry to his landscape installations but also exacting execution and savoir faire. His extensive technical and artistic background, along with his knowledge of plants, building materials, and environmentally responsible construction practices, allows him to create and innovate with a clear understanding of practicalities.

Russ’s striking yet thoughtful designs bring together a deep understanding of aesthetics, horticulture, engineering, and client services, resulting in stunning contemporary landscapes with functionality that evolves over time to accommodate the changing needs of their users.

Russ Cletta Design Studio Services


The Russ Cletta Design Studio specializes in custom residential landscape design and installation. The studio provides fully integrated site analysis and conceptual planning; construction drawing and permitting; project management and construction supervision; and landscape and hardscape installation. Licensed as both a landscape architect and landscape contractor, Russ Cletta has the ability to lead the studio through the management of projects of any size and scope, coordinating all aspects of design and installation.

Landscape Architect License #4284
Landscape Contractor License # 961672